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CaviTAU® / Digital Dental & Healthcare Technology GmbH & Co. KG

CaviTAU® Starter KIT Pro+ STANDARD

CaviTAU® Starter KIT Pro+ STANDARD

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Introductory training


The CaviTAU® Starter KIT PRO+ STANDARD is a system consisting of the following components:

• 1x CaviTAU® device

• 1x handpiece including handpiece holder

• 1x CaviTAU® foot switch • All-in-one PC configured for CaviTAU® with screen (min. 21.5 inch screen diagonal) including valid manufacturer's declaration of conformity

• Pre-installed CaviTAU® software on the supplied PC

• CaviTAU® transport case

• CaviTAU® Cart PRO+

• 1x gel cushion set for initial work with the CaviTAU® device (5 pcs. transmitter - extraoral & 20 pcs. receiver - enoral)

• Training on your CaviTAU® device: Introduction to device operation & data evaluation

• Free “recall training” for up to 3 employees: repetition of device operation & evaluation of data

• 1-year pick-up & repair service contract including free loan device in case of service1)

Service & Marketing Contract STANDARD

from 199,- € 2) / per month – plus VAT.
(from 1,990,- € 2)/ per year – plus statutory VAT)
• Service tickets3): 5 pieces / month
• Free repair4)
• Free replacement device
• Pick-up courier service
• International exchange of 5 days
• Software updates: YES
Marketing content for service contract STANDARD:
• 250 pcs. CaviTAU® patient information flyers
• CaviTAU® logo for use on the practice website / for printing
• Mentioned as a CaviTAU® therapist on the CaviTAU® website
• CaviTAU® texts for the practice website (SEO-optimized)
• 1 CaviTAU® poster (DIN A1 format for the practice waiting room)
• 2 ads / posts for the practice social media profile
• 1 pc. Print ad templates for advertisements in newspapers


Please read the supplied instructions carefully. If there is visible damage,
Damage to the gel pads (Enoral and Exraoral) must be taken into account when examining the patient.
A new gel pad must be used!

1) Shipping will take place as soon as possible depending on the current availability of the rental device
2)Service contract costs are incurred after the first year and vary depending on
Practice location / nationality (DE; EU; International (outside the EU)). Further information
You will find here.
3)Service ticket = 1 ticket = 1 hour service time
4)Consumables/wearing materials are processed free of charge during the repair
The respective service contract term is at least one year. The contract term is extended
automatically for a further year, unless the contract is terminated within three months of
Terminated at the end of the year.

For the STANDARD service contract, the following apply from the third year and for the PRE-
MIUM has different performance contents from the fourth year onwards.


When purchasing the product, an immediate deposit of 50% of the net purchase price is due.

The remaining 50% of the net purchase price is due before enrollment. You will receive a separate invoice.

The product CaviTAU® is a medical ultrasound device for dental practice to

to show differences in the density of the jawbone. The images and graphics generated can
can be used to detect and localize degenerated bone structures.

Confirmed degenerations of the bone structure are useful for all indications that may
caused by them or which lead to them.

The images are generated by an ultrasound transmitter-receiver unit connected to the device
This unit sends ultrasonic waves from the transmitter, through the jawbone,
to the receiver. The transmitter and receiver are positioned in front of and behind the jawbone opposite
The received ultrasonic wave signals are processed electronically to produce the desired
To show bone density differences in the area under investigation.

The product CaviTAU® is used in dental practice to provide medical professionals
personnel or dentists in the detection of degenerated bone structures.
The CaviTAU® product does not provide absolute measurements or a direct diagnosis.

Receiver gel pad is only packed in a disposable protective cover (no oral contact);
Transmitter gel pad made of material in accordance with Sonogel’s CE declaration of conformity.

For skin-friendly application on the face, a colorless, alcohol-free aloe vera gel is used.
Basically, any colourless, approved and skin-friendly cosmetic product can be used here.
product can be used.

Technical data

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